Thanks for visiting my website.  A professional stage, film and television actor for over 30 years, I am enjoying this opportunity to live my dream!   Recent years have provided new opportunities every day, and I now enjoy the chance to do more work in my beloved New Orleans, since I have an apartment there!  I have worked in Louisiana on several projects:  the films, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, EVAN'S CRIME and PITCH PERFECT 2; AMERICAN HORROR STORY Episode #312;  the USA Network series, COMMON LAW, which shot in NOLA and starred Michael Ealy and Warren Kole; and SALEM, the new WGN series that shoots in Shreveport.  In 2011, I began my recurring role as Judge Amelia Sanders in the 3rd season of DROP DEAD DIVA, a popular Lifetime Television series that was set in Los Angeles, but actually shot in Atlanta!  Catch Judge Ameila in several episodes throughout seasons 3 through 6.  What started as a one-episode co-star slot grew into guest star appearances for four seasons.  I just loved working on this show!  Season 6 was our last season, but watch for us in reruns and syndication.! 

A busy actor, director, producer and acting teacher/coach, I embrace the occasional opportunities I have to teach youth acting classes for S.T.A.G.E. in Dallas.  I have taught acting for over 45 years, beginning with recreation centers and Casa Manana Playhouse in the 1970s.  My resume, photos, voiceover demos and film reels are available here on this site, so please take a look.  A zillion years ago (it seems, anyway) I was a recording artist on the Dot Label.  We've recently uploaded four of my songs from the late 1960s and you can hear them on this site.  It's really a hoot to hear these throw-backs to another era!  Click on "Sharon's Audio" and check it out!

I'm currently involved in several exciting new projects!  More on those later.  I stay involved as much as possible in the local Dallas industry as 3rd Vice President of our NEW SAG-AFTRA Local and I chair the ProACT Conservatory Committee.  I also serve as co-moderator of the Dallas Table, an offshoot of the famous Los Angeles Table, founded by Marc and Elaine Zicree.  The most exciting aspects in recent years have been the great opportunities I've had to audition all over the United States through my terrific agents:  Jayson Kinslow with  Embassy of the Arts - Los Angeles; Linda McAlister Talent - Dallas, TX; and Landrum Arts LA - Louisiana and throughout the Southeast.  I would love to hear from you if you have questions or comments. 


VELVET RIBBON PRODUCTIONS is a small production company that we began several years ago.  Our modest little company truly began to blossom in 2011.   In addition to taping actor auditions in the studio, VRP produced its first short film in February of 2011:  THE PAINTED WOMAN, written by William Bienes. 

Also in late 2011 and 2012, VRP produced three new projects, WHEN IT'S YOUR TIME, under the umbrella of the Dallas Table Reel project, and SHOOTER, directed by my talented friend and extraordinary photographer, Steve Riley, and produced in association with Steve Riley Pictures. 




Posted by Howard trice on 07-01-2015
I never knew the history of your song "Nobody Likes it but Us". My brother and his first wife lived this song while secretly dating in Ft. Worth, TX. They went to Pascal High. She from a rich family and my brother from a middle class. I used to help him sneak out of the house in the middle of the night!
Posted by Becka Rose on 01-25-2014
I will never forget when I first met Sharon...she thought she knew me from years past of theatrical productions and film and TV. I think she really meant she knew me from the future, for we since have worked together on staged readings, short films and many special events together. This woman is not only a brilliant actress, but a talented and life-inspiring mentor I am honored to know from that first day forward!
Posted by Deidre Pool on 08-27-2013
Cait and I cannot thank you enough. Your excellence splashed onto my daughter during your tapings together, evidence in the results. Yes, you did a terrific job taping her, but your genius while teaching and guiding her through the scenes were priceless. Wish we lived next door!
Posted by Jean Tuite on 04-20-2013
Out in L.A./Hollywood but getting a bit too pricey again and very homesick for Texas again. I'm a native of Dallas and look forward to having an audition self taped at your studio. Looks like a great learning experience as well. I read about an actor recently who self taped on his I-phone from France and was booked on the spot for a major studio film. Might want to learn the Skype taping etc. How much do you charge to learn some of this long distance for now? Call or email anytime. I like Drop Dead Divas, will watch for you. 323-459-9182 or Jean2it@gmail.com also on IMDB etc.
Posted by Sonja on 04-03-2013
Thank you for your time and excellent advice on self taping auditions on the SAG Foundation website! I love your spirit, your candor and your generosity. You will be blessed with many fun roles because of it! Www.sonjacrosby.com
Posted by Lara Wessel on 03-29-2013
So nice meeting you at SAG Life Raft last night. I am looking into coming down to NOLA in next few months& definitely want to work with u. Will be in touch.
Posted by Christina DeRosa on 03-29-2013
Thank you for gracing us Los Angeles Actors with your wisdom and dedication last night at SAG. It was a joy to meet you and I look forward to working with you in the future when I am in NOLA. I just signed with ORM. www.christinaderosa.com
Posted by Samantha Beaulieu on 03-29-2013
Hi Sharon! Thank you for that informative live stream on Self-taped auditions. I am so happy I caught it! You mentioned that you might be in New Orleans soon, if so please give me a jingle (818) 497-4867. I would love to meet you and take your class on Self-Taped Auditions.
Posted by Andy Moore on 09-02-2012
Sharon's passion for her craft goes hand in hand with a solid work ethic and unquestionable integrity. Boundless creativity meets professionalism that is beyond reproach with Sharon Garrison.
Posted by Carol Hillendahl on 08-03-2012
Love your website, looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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