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 Welcome to my website!  Here's a bit of personal info about me!  I was born and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and began performing when I was only three years old.  I sang, danced and acted continuously throughout childhood and even began teaching the neighborhood kids when I was twelve!  I began working with a nearby recording studio at the tender age of fourteen as a background singer and voiceover artist on many local projects.  Then I was "discovered" (LOL) at seventeen and had a minor hit record on the Dot label entitled "Nobody Likes It But Us."  I went on to major in Theatre/Television at Texas Christian University, and after a long hiatus from school to act and raise a family, I finally returned to TCU to finish my BFA and ultimately a Master of Science in Media and communication.

I consider myself first and foremost an actor - both stage and film.  But I love teaching and have taught many years at various professional theaters in the DFW area, including Casa Manana in Fort Worth, WaterTower Theatre, Dallas Theater Center, Dallas Children's Theater, and S.T.A.G.E.  As a certified theater teacher, I was one of the few elementary drama teachers in Dallas ISD.  I retired in May 2007, and while I miss the wonderful teachers and students at Anne Frank Elementary, I am once again pursuing my dream of living my life as an actor, voiceover artist and independent acting teacher/coach. 

My loving family (hubby Bill plus kids, Michele, Ellen, Jennifer and her husband, Dmitri) and grandkids (Dorian,  Anya, Pasha and our newest arrivals, William Murphy Shortall and Arthur Rowan Mervis) are so supportive, and I cherish them all.  I also appreciate my wonderful agents, Dawn Landrum in Louisiana and Linda McAlister in Dallas.!

Thanks for visiting my site.  It will continue to be a work in progress for my friends, family and students - anyone who's interested!  Thank you for helping make my dreams come true!

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PROFESSIONAL AND TEACHING BIO:  A professional actor, stage director and acting teacher/coach since the early 1970s, Sharon Garrison has taught in area colleges and universities as well as in acting schools at Casa Manana, Dallas Theater Center, Dallas Children’s Theater, and WaterTower Theatre. Many of her students have gone on to professional careers in the industry, both locally and in New York and Hollywood. Lisa Whelchel (TV’s THE NEW MOUSKETEERS and THE FACTS OF LIFE) and Janine Turner (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, NORTHERN EXPOSURE and major films) both studied with Ms. Garrison in Casa Manana’s well-known childrens' theater program. Other Casa alumni with a strong presence in the local scene include B. J. Cleveland (actor and director) and Joel Farrell (actor and director).  Charles Baker, (credits include featured roles in film/TV, i.e SPLINTER, BREAKING BAD, COMMANCHE MOON) studied with Ms. Garrison early in his career and continues to make his mark in the film industry.

PRODUCING AND FILMMAKING BIO:  A proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity Association for over 30 years, Sharon Garrison is an actor, coach and independent producer who loves her work and serves as a fierce advocate for actors, writers and the Texas film industry.  She holds two degrees from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth:  BFA in Theatre/Television and a MS in Media Studies and Communication.  As a graduate student, Sharon taught on-camera acting and film studies in the RTVF department, but in recent years, she has turned her attention to working with young actors.  Her passion for teaching developing talent is second only to her love of the acting process and creating characters that come to life on stage and screen.  Hollywood writer Del Shores created a recurring, supporting role for Sharon in his wildly popular SORDID LIVES THE SERIES, in which she played Mrs. Barnes, the preacher’s wife.  She revived that role in Mr. Shores latest feature film, A VERY SORDID WEDDING.  Sharon appeared recently in PREACHER and the 1st season of TNT's CLAWS.  Her recurring role as “Judge Amelia Sanders” in the popular Lifetime TV series, DROP DEAD DIVA will always be a highlight of her career.  In addition to numerous on-camera and voiceover industrials and commercials, Sharon appeared in seven films in recent years, including MIDNIGHT SPECIAL and PITCH PERFECT 2.  In 2017, she portrayed Betty Deneke in the film, BOMB CITY, an award-winning film now in distribution.  A highly-respected stage actress as well, Sharon appeared as Dr. Katherine Brandt in Theatre Three’s regional premiere of “33 Variations,” for which she received a Dallas Column Awards nomination for Best Actress, and she recently revived her portrayal of Emily Dickinson in THE BELLE OF AMHERST at The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture.

Sharon looks forward to a bright future for her production company, Velvet Ribbon Entertainment.  Two of her short films, SHOOTER, a Steve Riley Picture, and THE PAINTED WOMAN, directed by the late veteran Hollywood actor and director, Dennis Burkley, and written by William Bienes, performed well on the film festival circuit.  In THE PAINTED WOMAN, Sharon co-stars with Grover Coulson and Burton Gilliam.  Sharon loves her work and this opportunity to live her dream, but she is most proud of her three daughters, four grandsons (Dorian, Pasha, Murphy and Arthur) and granddaughter, Anya.   Of her co-producer husband, Bill Mervis, Sharon proudly says:  “My Bill is the most patient, giving, loving man in the world!  I thank Heaven for his support every day of my life.”  


As a television and stage actor, Ms. Garrison has worked with dozens of major stars, including Kathy Bates, Niecy Nash, Dominic Cooper, Olivia Newton-John, Rue McClanahan, Caroline Rhea, Leslie Jordan, Howard Keel, Nannette Fabray, Ken Berry, Bob Denver and Pat O’Brien. A long time member of Actors Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), Ms. Garrison currently serves as 3rd vise president of the local SAG-AFTRA board. She also chairs the SAG-AFTRA committee, ProACT (Professional Actor Career Training ) which is the DFW Local's chapter of the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory.


Posted by Marsha on 03-09-2018
Are you Jennifer Mervis mom?
Posted by Naomi Young on 07-25-2017
Hello Mrs. Mervis

This is Naomi from Anne Frank. I am watching "Deadly Afffair" . I couldn't believe it was you. I always think of you when I wear the earrings you gave me for Christmas many years ago. I would love to see you.
Posted by Cynthia Dixon on 12-08-2012
I've been singing a stanza or two of 'Nobody Likes It But Us' for years. In the shower, mind you. Looking on YouTube today, and VOILA! there's your site & THAT SONG! Must have heard it right after we moving to Irving, TX.
Posted by Richard on 01-24-2011
Hi, Sharon!

Hope the New Year is going great for you and yours.

I was wondering if it was possible for you to post a downloadable image of the 45 label pic for "Nobody Likes It But Us." While the one for Dot would be great, the original on
Emcee (?) would work as well. I would really enjoy being able to add the pic to the song's clip information in my music player's

Thanks in advance for anything you're able to do in this regard.

Best Wishes,

Posted by Heather Scobie on 11-04-2009
Your site looks great Sharon! Thank you for posting the update on your performance in Blue Beach. Sounds really good. I look forward to running into you again sometime soon. Regards, Heather
Posted by Janet PB on 08-04-2009
GREAT site -- loved the music -- wish we kept up more in the earlier years! I wish you MORE than the BEST in your career, you deserve it --- you've worked hard. Glad that we have finally caught up with each other again.
Posted by Richard on 08-01-2009
Thank you for the most kind and gracious gesture of making the MP3 downloads available. It's great hearing "Nobody Likes It But Us" again after all these years. I enjoy it just as much now as I did back then.

Also, thanks for the additional info on that record. Did not know about Abilene and Boston or that it was recorded in 1964. Very interesting to know.

I wish you and your husband all the best luck, good fortune, and success in all your present and future projects. It's nice to know you're still active and going strong.

All the Best,

Posted by Richard on 08-01-2009
Hi, Sharon,

I remember very well how "Nobody Liks It But Us" was a big hit in Fort Worth because that's where I grew up. I once owned the 45 but that's long gone now. I have searched in vain for a copy of this song. Do you know any way that I might a copy of this tune? It sure would be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Richard, Olney, Texas
Posted by robert Judd on 01-15-2009
Oh, Sharon, I remember well the night we decorated the christmas tree your parents home near t.c.u. we had to go to skillerns for more "balls" and the lady looked at us as if we were out of our minds. I taught for 40 years down here in Houston. John Rando, tony winner for "urinetown" was a student of mine for four years and Dontee' Kiehn is dancing her little heart away on Broadway. I remember them when.....Nice seeing that you did well....I stayed unmarried....have two dogs....and will be retiring to North Carolina this summer. Am teaching English at a private Catholic school in Dickinson Tx. not far from my home. See Vicki Fallis sometimes. She had been teaching in the area. My best to you and yours. Take care.
Posted by Doug on 12-06-2008
Just cuious on where you were. I remember your record back in 1966. I still have the record by the way.
Posted by Donatelle Mascari, the Makeup Maven on 10-24-2007
What a fabulous actress! I've worked with you one way or another for at least twenty years, and seen you in every kind of role...teaching, acting, knowing. What a jewel in the craft! Glad to see you have such a great website, and I'll tell everyone.
Still...most of all...and purely selfishly?...I love the role you play as lifelong friend and confidante.
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