Nobody Likes It But Us
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"Nobody Likes It But Us" was the first record I recorded back in 1964 at Sound City Recording Studio in Fort Worth, TX.  (I was a regular there as a background singer and voiceover artist.)  The song was released under the Emcee Label and then was picked up by the Dot Label.  (Pat Boone was one of their featured artists at the time.)  Written by Fort Worth advertising executive Frank Burkett, the song remained in the Top 10 around the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a couple of months, but it held the #1 spot in Abilene, TX for FIVE WEEKS.   Also quite a hit in Boston, MA of all places!  Fun to hear now - how music and the times have changed over the past 40+ years!  I look a bit different too!!  (Careful with comments on that!)

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