Audition Taping and Actor Coaching Services

Sharon Garrison and Billy Mervis (videographers)



Sharon Garrison – videographer  - Watch the SAG Foundation LifeRaft program with Sharon's presentation on audition taping:  Click Here

Dallas home studio is located near the Galleria in Dallas, just south of LBJ/635

email – or call/text 214-912-9519 (email contact preferred unless rush.)  Please text me if you have a taping emergency!  I try to respond to messages within a couple of hours.  Please note that if I am on set, I may not be able to respond until end of the day.  Thanks for your patience on that!

AVAILABILITY:  Audition tapings available through JUNE 14, 2018 and after JUNE 24, 2018 in Dallas, TX.

THE following instructions are for standard-length auditions with 1-2 scenes each 1-2 pp in length. 




Message to Talent:

For virtual auditions and slates:  

  • You will be given ½-hour for shoot. You will be able to view your takes (max of 3 per scene) on camera monitor and we will collaborate to make your selections.  I will upload as directed by you and/or agent.  Arrive on time and PREPARED!!! (Agents and CDs ALWAYS prefer memorized!) 
  • Bring two copies of the script (if you need me to read with you) AND a printed copy of your agent or casting director's instructions for submission. Please review agent’s instructions carefully before you come. It is your responsibility to let me know about deadlines, submission requirements or unique formatting for the audition file. Note that I don't receive this info from the agents unless you provide it to me!  (Please follow these directions! It’s complicated out there!)  I discourage you to bring a "reader" unless it's extremely important to the project.  I am a highly qualified reader and happy to do so to get the best performance for your audition.
  • If you are late for your appointment, you may need to reschedule. (Please call to let me know if you are running late or must cancel your appointment.) 
  • If you don't have the facilities or time to print out your sides before you come, please let me know and get them to me PRIOR to your scheduled appointment.  I will print them out for you. We cannot pull up this info on studio computer and print them out during session. (Equip. OFF during sessions!)  This benefit is ONLY available on rush tapings.  It is always preferred that you provide reader sides (highlighted appropriately) for for your videographer!

    Bring a selection of colors - not washed-out blue or gray, as my backdrop is blue-gray. (A nice vivid sky blue is fine.). Solid colors work best for this. (Men . . . NOT suit and tie unless indicated in script - just a casual, well-fitting shirt - short or long-sleeves, depending on what looks best on you. Could do a sports jacket, if appropriate.)  There is almost always a full body shot requested, so the whole outfit should be coordinated, including shoes. I don't recommend tennis shoes, but denim pants are fine. Just wear what you would wear to a live audition.


PRICING for On-Camera tapings and coaching:  (discounts offered for SAG-AFTRA members!)

$40 - Maximum of 30 minutes – begins at “slate.” $10 extra for each quarter hour. 

Actors should be thoroughly prepared and bring 2 copies of sides, plus a copy of agent/CD submission and taping instructions from agent/CD. Submission format is Quicktime (.mov) or mp4, and file will be submitted via YouSendIt, unless otherwise instructed. Special FTP upload instructions must be provided, and there is a $5 extra charge for videographer to work with you to upload audition to Eco-Cast or Nowcasting from my computer. No extra charge if you upload it from your home computer.

On-Camera Auditions with coaching session - this is Dallas pricing:  (CA coaching from $150/session)

$75 minimum for one hour. $10 extra for each quarter hour. 

Actors will be more successful if they are off-book (memorized) completely before they arrive. (Editing and uploading audition included in this price.)  Coaching is also available to prepare for live auditions or prior to taping with another taping facility.

$30 for SIMPLE SLATE:  (Name, Agent, 1-2 sentences and Full Body Pan.)

HELPFUL HINTS:  When you are preparing to shoot a personal slate, either with me or another videographer, plan THREE things you can say about yourself that help tell who you are as a person, with 2-3 sentences about each subject. NOT memorized, please!  Just talking.  These should be things that you've done - maybe a show or a film/commercial, etc., your hobby, a passion, whatever makes you tick! Just plan the subjects you're going to focus on. The entire slate is usually about 30-45 seconds in length.

Call or email for appointment or additional information.  (Email is best except in rush situations.)